CFP: Working-Class Rhetoric: A Reader

Working-Class Rhetoric: A Reader, edited by Matthew Guy and Jennifer Beech,  will feature different types of rhetorical forms: memoirs from folks claiming working-class affiliation that get at the lived experience of class in the U. S. today (some by professors; others by students); political analyses of how class figures into our current political landscape and influences policy; rhetorical analyses of working-class (mis)representations in popular culture; and various representations of working-class rhetoric (art, billboards, union documents, petitions, memes, poetry, t-shirts, editorials, etc.). Interspersed throughout the collection will be short visuals/pieces of rhetoric (photos of billboards, art, poetry) followed by questions to provoke discussion and analysis. Proposals (1-2 paragraphs) are due by Dec. 15, 2018 and should be sent to


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